When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up عکس
آلبوم : The Search


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Verse 1:
Hello, my name is Gift!
I’m seventeen, but I look twenty six

I told my fans to go and read my lyrics’
1600 words now what did I expect? (hmm)

I got a fire you can’t pre-empt (yuh!)
Sway had an instagram live on this one weekend
He invited me So I could spit a verse for him then
But my wifi cut me off, hope he checks his DMs

Man I really hope he sees this to be honest
I’ve got fire like an old head at a concert! (Hey!)
Yo, my music’s so fire, they are warming to it
I can’t even put it out, man, I promise!

I've wanted this since I was a kid without a social life
I’ve been an introvert way before the coronavirus

I’d sickly spit flame, til my throat is burning
It’s tiring I’m burning out (hey!)

Ayy this wordplay’s like playing with fire so turn it up (Yeah!)

I am the wick, I’m the one on which the fire is lit
Blow it out, I’ll make it rise up again
Blow it out, I’ll make it rise up again!

But I doubt you’re legit if you try to suggest
That in spite of my skills I’ll entirely quit
I write my lyrics and forget 'bout sleep
So rest assured that I don’t get tired of this (No!)

Maybe I’m wrong (yuh)
Maybe my rapping game isn't too strong
Maybe I’ll make it but won’t last for long
Maybe if I start rapping about thongs
I could probably make a hit out of a song (yeah, yuh)
I pray that I’m wrong

'Cause I’m aiming for the stars, and the sun with these fires
But first lemme take you to when I was young (yeah)